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Free White Glove Shipping on All Orders
Free White Glove Shipping on All Orders


What is included in White Glove Delivery?

With our white glove delivery, you get the full service. That includes setting up any furniture you purchased in the room desired, and removal of all trash from the delivery. 


Who do you ship with?

We use 3rd party freight carries that specialize in transporting and delivering Amish furniture. All the 3rd party carriers we use are based right out of Ohio near the Amish woodworking shops and are all fantastic and great guys to work with who take pride in their business. They know exactly how to assemble everything and take proper care of the furniture during transport and white glove delivery. Feel free to reach out to us to ask us any questions.


What happens if my furniture comes in damaged?

Please inspect furniture upon delivery and note any damages that you see. This is extremely adamant and will help make the process to fix any damage much easier. We will either fix or replace the furniture if it has been damage by the 3rd party carrier. We will unfortunately not be responsible for any damage claims after the delivery has been made, so please inspect everything before you sign off on it. 

If you do encounter any damage within three days after delivery that you didn’t notice the day of, but you have signed the papers, still reach out to us at, and we will see what we can do. 


Who contacts me once my furniture is ready?

You will get a personal phone call and or email from us when your furniture has been officially finished. We will then coordinate the transportation of your furniture to the warehouse of the 3rd party freight carriers we work with. Once it reaches their facility it will be ready to ship, and you will get a call from them to setup a delivery time. 


Who contacts me to setup a delivery time of my furniture?

The 3rd party freight company will contact you on when he plans on coming in that area, and it is usually within a 2-week window. We are also in the loop to ensure that you will be called, and a schedule will be set, as the delivery of your furniture in a timely manner is of the utmost importance to us. Please always feel free to call or email us during this process if you have any questions. We work directly with the freight companies we use and can always get in touch with them. 


How long does it take once the furniture is finished to get to my home?

Most furniture is shipped from the builder within 12 to 20 weeks, depending on the collection. The typical timeline to get to your home is 10 to 14 business days. This factors in the transportation to the 3rd party freight carriers warehouse, and the time it takes for them to schedule and come out to your home. 


How long of a delivery window is it during the day of white glove delivery?

You will receive a 4-hour window of when you can expect the freight company team to arrive at your home with your furniture. They will also give you a call when they are about 30 minutes from delivering your furniture.


What happens if the furniture I ordered does not fit inside my home?

This is an extremely rare situation and will almost never happen. In the rare case that it does, we unfortunately cannot accept returns for this reason alone. Please make sure you double check the entryway in which the furniture will be coming through. Dining tables are assembled, so we have never had an issue with that, and we have also never had a problem with large dressers as we have professionals moving the furniture and using safe methods to make sure it can make tight turns if needed. Furniture not fitting inside is extremely rare but needs to be addressed in the rare case that it does happen.