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Free White Glove Shipping on All Orders
Free White Glove Shipping on All Orders


Who makes your furniture?

Our pieces are all handcrafted by American craftsmen/women. We have personally met and only deal with artisans that provide the highest quality and service. 


Where is your furniture made?

Our furniture is made by hand in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana.


What makes us different?

There are a wide variety of furniture companies online that offer high end designs. However, most of their furniture is imported, and unfortunately, is often more expensive. We offer high-end, timeless designs, made from solid wood, resulting in better quality and durability, all while being made right here in the United States. American Wood was created to bridge the gap between the quality of American made furniture and the styling of trending high end designs. Historically, "American solid wood furniture" conjured images of craftsman/mission pieces that are impeccably built, but often look dated. We started this company to deliver modern, timeless pieces that are crafted in America and built to last a lifetime.


How durable is the finish?

The durability of the finish is incredibly important to us. Our furniture uses a catalyzed conversion varnish applied over the finish color. This makes the furniture incredibly durable, adds resistance against scratches, heat, and moisture, as well as protects the color and texture of the wood.


Is your furniture really all solid wood?

All our furniture is 100% solid wood except for the bottom of drawers, side panels of case goods, and insert panels of beds. These areas are constructed out of powerful plywood and solid wood veneers. Because real wood naturally contracts and expands, it would damage the furniture and lead to cracking and splits if used in those areas.